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【TOKYO】The Best Location for Sightseeing
2009 / 01 / 08 ( Thu )
As you know, there are a lot of places where you must go when you come to Tokyo such as Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya and Tokyo Disneyland.

You can enjoy traditional Japanese shops and a temple in Asakusa. If you are really into in Animation and electronics, Akihabara is the place you must visit. Shibuya is widely known as a trendsetting city in Japan. We don’t need to talk about Disneyland anymore, right??

Our hotel is conveniently located in terms of public transportation.
So, if you want to visit all of these places and make the best of a short stay,
staying at our hotel would be good choice for you.

For example・・・
From Kasai/Kasai Rinkaikouen (the nearest stations from our hotel) to
Asakusa : about 30minutes by trains [ Kasai→ Nihonbashi→ Asakusa]
Akihabara : about 25minutes by trains [Kasai →Kayabachou→ Akihabara]
Shibuya : about 40minutes by trains [Kasai→ Nihonbashi→ Shibuya]
Disneyland : 3 minutes by a train [Kasai Rinkaikouen→ Maihama]

See? This is why I recommend our hotel.
We have easy accessibility to many famous places.

Check out more detailed information below.

Family INN & resort FIFTY'S

低料金で楽しく快適に泊まれる 無料朝食付ホテル
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【TOKYO】Let’s Eat Japanese Food!!
2009 / 01 / 07 ( Wed )
Since you come all the way to Japan,
why not eat Japanese food?

You have a lot of opportunities to try them here.
There is a SUSHI Bar that’s not more than a 6 –minute walk from our hotel.
The restaurant serves many kinds of sushi, and all of them cost only 100yen!!

Also, you can get Japanese-style lunch boxes at a 24-hour store called SEIYU.
It takes about 3 minutes by walk from the hotel to the store.

Our hotel is conveniently located to try real Japanese food casually and cheaply!!

Family INN & resort FIFTY'S

低料金で楽しく快適に泊まれる 無料朝食付ホテル

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